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Your Life, Re-Dreamed

Hello, beautiful soul! I don't believe in coincidence. I believe you found your way to my website for a reason. I believe the Law of Attraction brought you here and we're a vibrational match!

I'm also guessing that your soul is craving something more...something deeper... 


Are you awakening?

Is spirit calling you?

Are you craving to go deeper into healing?

Are you ready to fully step into your power?

Are you feeling lost as to what your purpose is? 

Are you un-pluggling from the mainstream programming?

Are you ready to feel more connected to your soul? 


We are living in unique, unprecedented, yet exciting times - where going inward and doing the inner healing work is more imperative now than ever before...


My mission is to lead you on a journey home -- to yourself. I empower women to GET CENTERED, HEAL & BREAK trauma cycles, unconditionally LOVE yourself, REMEMBER who you really are, REPROGRAM your mind + nervous system, and AWAKEN your soul!


Let's take a deep soul dive together as I support you in your healing, awakening and spiritual journey as our soul continues to elevate and evolve.

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Dani is a psychotherapist and coach here to guide you through deep healing & great transformation! Her job is not to heal you, but to teach you how to heal yourself. She helps you remember who you really are and how to navigate life while healing, growing and integrating. She believes part of her purpose is to empower you to remove all of the layers of what you are not, so you can embody your most authentic self. 

Dani's purpose is to guide others on their path of self-healing through being a channel for the Universe. She believes healing occurs through the transformation of our fears, judgements and limiting beliefs along with aligning with our connection to Love (the source of who we really are), and releasing trauma from the body. This process can only occur when we are willing to love and accept all parts of ourself unconditionally. 


Dani is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist (LCMFT) who has been working with trauma since 2012. She is also an Equine Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200).

She utilizes Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Brain SpottingBreathwork Journeying, Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), Somatic Experiencing and Spirituality in her private practice. She holds safe space for integrating all of your parts so you can live and create from a state of wholeness, joy, peace, love and purpose. As well as remove the blocks that prevent you from living your most authentic life and fulfilling your wildest dreams and desires!

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