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'Get Centered' Self-Care Box

'Get Centered' Self-Care Box


This box contains Dani's favorite self-care products to help you get centered and love yourself! Nourish yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually with:


•Aromatherapy Bracelet

•Essential oil 

•Intuitively chosen Crystal 

•Smudge Stick  

•A Spiritual // Wellness Book (rotates) 

•Shame Resilience Long Sleeve T-Shirt (Unisex Sizing) 


NOTE: You get a FREE 'Get Centered Box' with commitment to my 6 month intensive healing program, Soul Dive. I want to make sure you have all the self-care goodies you'll need in our work together. 


AROMATHERAPY BRACELETS: To use the aromatherapy bracelet, please test a drop or 2 of essential oil on your skin first to check for sensitivity. If okay, drop 2-3 drops of essential oils (or as many as you prefer) directly onto bracelets, and rub in. If sensitive, use a carrier oil like coconut to blend in essential oil. 



-A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

-The Ayurvedic Self-Care Handbook by Sara Kucera

-I Thought It Was Just Me But It Isn't by Brene Brown 

-May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein 


SHIRTS: If you do not want the shame resilience t-shirt, I have a blue "Self-Care Club" shirt as well, that you may prefer. It is the last photo in the bundle of photos. Please let me know if you would prefer this option. 


ESSENTIAL OILS are from Young Living. Please let me know if you have a strong preference on essential oils that you like or dislike. 

Bracelet Colors (colors may vary)

    If you are dissatisfied with your products, please email me within 48 hours of receiving your item. I do require the essential oil bottle to be unopened. I will not accept returns for opened bottles of essential oils, the smudge sticks or the books (since you know what you're getting). I intuitively choose the bracelets and crystals. All bracelets and crystals may vary in size and color. 


    I ship out boxes in 2-3 business days. Please be patient, as I'm a one woman business. I am shipping to USA only at this time. 


    Supplies are limited. I only have so many of the t-shirt sizes, books and specific colored bracelets. If for whatever reason, I cannot get you your top choice, I will contact you with alternative options.

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