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6 month Intensive Healing journey

Do you feel powerless in your life?

Do you lack confidence and belief in yourself? 

Do you struggle fully loving and accepting yourself? 

Do you feel unfulfilled, like life has no deep meaning? 

Are you confused, and have no idea what your path or life purpose is?

Are the same old wounds, traumas, triggers, relationships and patterns popping back up to the surface (yet again)?

Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening or a dark night of the soul (spiritual depression)? 


Most everything you believe to be true about yourself and the world has been a lie. You have been traumatized, programmed, and conditioned to not fully love and accept yourself, to not remember who you really are (and how powerful and MAGICAL you are!), to not believe in yourself, to be disconnected from your soul (and super powers!), to live in a state of fear, lack, scarcity, and ultimately, in survival mode. I lived in that constant state of fight or flight, shame (not good enough), feeling powerless and unworthy of love, abundance and good things for a really long time... it's exhausting... 










This is the program I wish existed when I was trying to heal my own complex trauma (including depression, anxiety, deep shame and low self esteem) throughout my adolescent, teenage and adult life. It was also the program I wish existed before I got into a serious relationship, stepped into a stepmom role for nearly 4 years, and before consciously working with psychedelics and plant medicine. 


I don't want you to have to be in therapy for years and years, like I was, trying modality after modality, struggling to find what worked and resonated, and not really grasping the whole picture. I understand energy and have experience with holistic and mystical modalities that many therapists unfortunately don't have knowledge of or experience with. If you commit to the work, you have the potential to heal deeper in 6 months than you would in YEARS of therapy. Through my custom healing integrative framework, I help you get down the the root of what's keeping you stuck and dive really deep into releasing all that no longer serves you. I also teach you how to self-heal moving forward, so that you don't feel you have to depend on any therapist, coach, or healer ever again (unless you want the extra support). 


My mission is to lead you on a journey home -- to yourself. I ask for a deep commitment from you to participate in this beautiful process of self-discovery & self-healing. I believe healing occurs through the transformation of our fears, judgements and limiting beliefs along with aligning with our connection to Love (the source of who we really are). This magical process can only occur when we are willing to love & accept all parts of ourself unconditionally. Your sense of safety is crucial in this process, so it is important we resonate with one another. With deep trust and understanding, we can create lasting transformation!


My Soul Dive 1:1 Intensive Healing Program is for those who are committed to diving super deep into healing, breaking trauma cycles, loving themselves, increasing their confidence, activating their divine power, awakening their soul purpose and completely transforming their life! It's perfect if you are experiencing an intense spiritual awakening and dark night of the soul (ego death), as well. We really dive deep into rewiring your subconscious mind and reprogramming your nervous system to your organic soul program of inherent love, worthiness & abundance (who you really are). 

This is a 6 month transformational and intensive healing experience. You work with me 1:1 for weekly 1-3 hour sessions. You also get messaging support as well in between our sessions. This journey explores deep trauma healing, shadow work, inner child healing, rewiring the mind and reprogramming the nervous system with modalities and principles informed and inspired by EMDR, Brain Spotting, coaching and integration support to dive even deeper. **Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) option is available to integrate into this program for those in the Kansas City and Colorado areas.

Vibe is important. Let's schedule a FREE introductory Clarity Call and get to know each other a bit. I look forward to connecting with you! And please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 

I will EMPOWER you to...  

  • Heal trauma

  • Break generational family cycles 

  • Break and release karmic cycles 

  • Break chains of limited beliefs & fear 

  • Rewire your brain 

  • Fully Love & Accept Yourself

  • Reprogram your nervous system

  • Become the programmer of your reality

  • Increase your vibration 

  • Shine your Light 

  • Speak your Truth 

  • Activate your Divine Power

  • Awaken back to you Soul  

  • Balance your masculine & feminine energy 

  • Manifest your greatest dreams and desires! 

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