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Become the programmer of your reality!
(Not the character or the player) 

This is an online experiential journey,
where you’ll remember how powerful you really are,
and embody deep healing and great transformation!

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If your soul has been craving to dive deeper into healing, awakening, spirituality, purpose and inner transformation, this will be

a powerful experience.

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Where we guide you through every step of your own growth and healing, so you can experience magical results in this game called life. 


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Uncovering and healing all your own traumas and emotional wounding in a safe and supportive environment to finally release the blocks holding you back

Step into your mission of being the "Breaker of Trauma" for your family, liberating your lineage and future generations

Learning how to have healthy relationships and set personal boundaries so you can protect your energy and well-being

Waking up and feeling in alignment with your truth, your authenticity, the highest version of yourself (and highest timeline)

Magnetizing your dream life and dream relationships with ease 

Healing and loving yourself is at the heart of it all.

That’s why doing the inner work is non-negotiable in today's ever-changing world.

It's time to shift the paradigm and LEVEL UP! 


MEET your guide for this journey

Dani Ashley is a licensed psychotherapist and coach here to guide you through deep healing & great transformation! She is also an Equine Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200). She helps you remember who you really are and how to navigate life while healing and growing.


She believes healing occurs through the transformation of our fears, judgements and limiting beliefs along with aligning with our connection to Love (who we really are). This process can only occur when we are willing to love and accept all parts of ourself unconditionally. She holds safe space for integrating all of your parts so you can live and create from a state of wholeness, joy, peace, love and purpose. Learn more about Dani here. ​

We will EMPOWER you to...  

  • Heal trauma

  • Break generational family cycles 

  • Break and release karmic cycles 

  • Break chains of limited beliefs & fear 

  • Rewire your brain 

  • Reprogram your nervous system

  • Love yourself unconditionally

  • Increase your vibration 

  • Shine your beautiful Light 

  • Activate your Divine Power (and take your power back!) 

  • Speak your Truth 

  • Awaken your Soul Purpose 

  • Manifest your greatest dreams & desires

  • Become the programmer of your reality! 

This program is AMAZING for...  
  • Trauma healing 

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Dark Night of the Soul

  • Dating preparation 

  • Marriage preparation 

  • Healing yourself while in relationship  

  • Parenthood preparation and healing

  • Step-parenthood preparation and healing

  • Healing & Reprogramming for healers 

  • Ketamine, Psychedelic & Plant Medicine preparation and integration

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A completely unique, experiential, supportive container where heart-centered awakened (or awakening) humans come to learn how to heal their own emotional wounding, integrate their awakening, and have fun while doing so, so they can live and create from a space of safety, abundance and magic. Once you complete the 6-month program, you will become the programmer of your reality, in your own magical, soulful, dreamy world! 

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12 levels of healing & transformation...

Then you're exactly where you need to be... Ready to POWER UP your soul!? 

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Does any of this sound familiar?


You have HUGE dreams for yourself, and so many desires, but you feel stuck figuring out what steps to take to get there and live your best, happiest life

You are craving for your soul tribe and a like minded, supportive community with deep, meaningful connection--but don't know where they are or how to find them

You have awakened or are awakening, and feel lost in your journey. You haven't found the right support to help guide you to truly process and integrate all that comes with awakening and your healing & ascension journey

You want to access and feel deep safety in your own body--especially when things get challenging in life and in the world, as things continue to get shaken up and darkness continues to get brought into the light

You want the methods and tools to be able to navigate triggers, challenges and old patterns popping up so you can release them and free yourself 

You want to further increase your confidence and raise your vibration to attract all that's meant for you

You know you are capable of feeling more joy, ease, and connection in your life, relationships, business and you're ready to uncover your emotional blocks 

 Welcome // preparation
  • Introduction to Super Soul World™ and Dani Ashley

  • Program overview and what to expect

  • Intention setting & how to work through resistance and ego

  • Creating a safe space to embody this work

  • Choose & design your character

Foundation Phase (4 weeks)

Level 1: Remembrance

  • QUEST: Start to remember the truth... 

  • Gentle Awareness

  • Vulnerability

  • Remember who you are and why you came here

  • Everything is Energy 

  • The Illusion of Normal 

  • Reprogramming Your Reality 101

Level 2: surrender

  • QUEST: Release resistance and surrender...

  • Release Resistance, Judgment & Attachment 

  • Giving Your Power Away

  • Creating a spiritual foundation and your own unique relationship with the Universe

  • How faith, self-love, self-care, and FUN are totem spiritual practices!

Level 3:Get centered

  • QUEST: Fill up your spiritual toolbox & get centered in your body...

  • Soothe your emotions and quiet your mind 

  • Filling up your spiritual toolbox 

  • Alignment

Level 4: sacred self-care

  • QUEST: Honoring the sacredness of self-care...  

  • Self-Care Routines

  • Self-Care for Women 

  • Self-Care for Men

  • Vibrational Detox

  • Chakras

  • Loving Kindness

  • Mirror Work

Awaken & Unplug Phase (4 weeks)

Level 5: your subconscious mind

  • QUEST: Understanding the laws of the universe...

  • The power of stories, thoughts, beliefs & emotions

  • How things you've tried in the past may have not worked

  • Mental Health 

  • Unhelpful thinking styles, survival patterns, and coping skills

  • Old stories 

  • Develop a brand new relationship with your emotions

  • Step out of being the character or the player

Level 6: wake (back) up to your soul

  • QUEST: Wake up to your magic... 

  • Your purpose and mission

  • Highest version of yourself

  • Intuition vs. Ego

  • Reframing your past, traumas and struggles.

  • Remembrance of who you really are (and how powerful you are)!

Healing & Release Phase (6 weeks)

Level 7: the nervous system

  • QUEST: Heal & Release... 

  • Nervous System Healing 101

  • Diving even deeper into your past, old traumas, negative beliefs and old stories

  • Shadow work, inner-child healing work

  • Releasing karma 

  • Forgiveness 

  • Purging everything that no longer serves you

Level 8: alchemy

  • QUEST: Alchemize and transmute...

  • Healing and releasing work on your own

  • Healing and releasing work with my support -- or another therapist or coach's support (highly recommended, especially for trauma healing)

  • Surrender to the past, grieve and physically release stuck emotions and energies from your body

  • Reprogramming your nervous system and increasing nervous system flexibility

Relationship Phase (4 weeks)

Level 9: relationships 

  • QUEST: Relationship healing...

  • Spiritual purpose of relationships

  • How relationships and triggers are like mirrors here to help you grow and heal

  • Balancing divine masculine and feminine energies

  • Releasing karma from relationships

  • Release toxic relationships that no longer serve you

  • Setting boundaries

  • Relationship with self

  • Family

  • Friendships

  • Romantic relationships

  • Dream relationships (and how to attract them)

Reprogramming & Embodiment Phase (6 weeks)

Level 10: integration & reprogramming

  • QUEST: Become the PROGRAMMER of your reality!

  • NEW stories about your life in the past, present moment and in the future

  • Integrating your past and the present moment

  • Envisioning your dream life 

  • Integrating positive feelings, beliefs and stories about your future!

  • Believing in yourself 

  • Foundation to Manifestation 

Level 11: embodiment

  • QUEST: Embodying your divine power!

  • Discovering your soul purpose

  • Divine Feminine & Masculine Embodiment

  • Healed Inner Child Embodiment 

  • Accessing Your Higher Mind

  • Embodying your Highest Self & Future

Level 12: manifestation magic

  • QUEST: Design your dream life! 

  • Recreate and Reprogram Your Reality

  • Having Faith In the Universe & Taking Inspired Action

  • Quantum Leaping To Higher Timelines

  • Manifest Your Dreams & Desires on Autopilot 

  • Healing Your Relationship with Money

Orange Clouds


6 month group healing journey


$1,111 / 3 MONTHS

$555 / 6 MONTHS

Soul World.png
Image by Joel Vodell

6 month 1:1 healing + coaching journey

with dani ashley

(limited space available)


*payment options available

$1850 / 3 Months

$925 / 6 Months

25 weeks of incredible, invaluable content! (Value: $8,000!)
1 week of welcoming & preparing 
4 weeks of unlearning & creating a solid foundation
4 weeks of awakening and unplugging 
6 weeks of healing and releasing 
4 weeks to dive deep into all things relationships 
6 weeks of reprogramming and embodiment work 
Receive a SuperSoulWorld™ certificate (Value: Priceless!)
Show off your SuperSoulWorldcertificate, and know that the work you do moving forward as a healer or creator is coming from a space of embodied healing and self-love! And apply to join our mission (if you feel so called) to facilitate group and individual therapy and coaching for our program! 
Life-long access to our SuperSoulWorld online resource center (Value: Priceless!)
Explore a wealth of videos, exercises, and worksheets you can reference anytime for your personal or client transformations and deep healing.

18 Live processing & healing calls throughout the program (Value: $6,000!)
Live calls with Dani to have all of your questions answered, get coached, monthly somatic healing & breathwork sessions, have a safe space for your own healing, connect with others and implement everything you’re learning. 
Private group community (Value: Priceless!)
Have your questions answered between sessions, receive feedback, find accountability partners, and have support throughout the entire program.

What makes this program so magical?

With my unique background in marriage and family therapy (MFT) + western psychology AND holistic healing, I have created this program to be the only program you will ever need to dive into all things deep deep healing, awakening and ascension.

The only thing you may need in addition to this program is some 1:1 therapy, coaching or healing support, especially if you have a trauma history. I teach you all the best healing modalities that can assist you with trauma healing & releasing, and how to choose the best healer & modalities for you.


A holistic program that incorporates and blends psychology, energetics, a variety of healing modalities, relationships and spiritual principles


Focuses on creating change from the inside out, as well as integration, implementation and embodiment!


It utilizes the most powerful and effective tools for rewiring the mind and reprogramming the nervous system for deep healing, transformation and permanent, positive change


I will continue to update and upgrade this program as I grow, learn and create more resources, instead of trying to upsell you another healing course or programs 


You get lifetime access to all future updates (I will keep you in the loop as I grow & expand)


You have access to work with me to dive even deeper with 1:1 coaching, integration & healing sessions with me each month + messaging support (if you sign up to Soul Dive with me) for the duration of this program, and beyond if you'd like to continue past the original 6 months (limited space available!) 

Here's what you're going to get when you join us

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