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My Spiritual Manifesto

This spiritual manifesto has weaved in my top 5 core values, and then some. What are your top 5 core values? They are like the GPS towards our dreams and goals! If we are not living, embodying and expressing our core values in all areas of our life (work, relationships, health, etc.), we will be and feel out of alignment.

My top 5 Core Values are:

  1. Connection (love)

  2. Growth

  3. Service

  4. Authenticity (truth)

  5. Joy (fun, playfulness)

Above all else, I value self love and self-care. I understand these practices are my greatest spiritual assignments. The lessons on love and care are in how I talk to and treat myself. I vow to always strive to show myself love.

I will practice courage by showing up, letting myself be seen and heard, and honoring vulnerability. I will share my stories of struggle and strength. There will always be room in my life for both. I vow to continue to widen the aperture of what I am able to hold, and strive to hold the spectrum of human experience without judging it.

I value honesty and communication, and aim to practice both. It takes courage and vulnerability to be honest and talk about things that are USA (uncomfortable, scary and awkward).

I vow to show up authentically, so I can feel the depth of connection I desire. For I know that if I do not, I will not be truly seen and known. And I will therefore be unable to truly see and know others. And I do this by speaking my truth, and I will not judge myself for doing so. I will strive to speak my truth with love.

I will show compassion by practicing compassion with myself first; then with others. I will set and respect boundaries, because they are necessary to practice compassion.

I honor accountability and respect by making mistakes, taking responsibility for those mistakes, making amends, and by asking for what I need and talking about how I feel.

I vow to never stop seeking and learning, because growth and adventure excites me. I want to keep getting better like a fine wine, without toeing the line of perfectionism. Balance will be key for harmony (as extremes are easy, balance is what's hard).

I will practice the power of forgiveness, because no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. I embrace my own imperfections, and encourage others to do the same. I will practice forgiving myself first, above all else. I will remind myself that I am human and I make mistakes.

I want to know joy, so I will practice gratitude.

I thank the Universe every day for my many blessings.

I want to feel joy, so I will learn how to be vulnerable.

I thank the Universe for the gift of being human and alive.

When uncertainty and scarcity visit, I will be able to draw from the spirit, faith and resilience in myself, my core values, my self-care, and love.

I will cry and face fear and grief. I will want to take my pain away and numb myself, but instead I will sit with it and teach myself how to feel it.

I will laugh and sing and dance and create. I will always have permission to be myself. No matter what I will always belong, regardless of what my mind thinks.

I vow to be of service, to truly make a difference in this world while I'm here in this one life as Dani.

I will not teach or love or show anything perfectly, but I will hold sacred the gift of seeing me for me. Truly deeply seeing my soul and being my authentic self.

Manifesto Inspired by Dr. Brene Brown

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