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Manifestation Magic 3 Day Workshop

Manifestation Magic 3 Day Workshop


This self-paced manifestation guide will allow you to tap into and embody your divine power in order to attract the abundance, love, health and beauty you've been desiring -- and seeking from the external world. 


YOU CAN BE, DO, AND HAVE ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING YOU WANT! You are the PROGRAMMER of your reality. (Not the character or the player). Or at least, not anymore!


It's time, my love, for you to completely reprogram your mind, your nervous system, and therefore, your life!


This workshop will focus on your self concept (your identity and how you view yourself and the world). You will learn to give your self concept a complete makeover to completely transform your life! You will learn the internal processes of manifestation and how to apply it to your unique dreams and desires -- what you soul has been craving and yearning for for so long, that has felt out of reach. 


This workshop outlines a daily manifestation protocol which is recommended for you to follow for a minimum of 30 days for best results. If you are consistent with these practices, and you believe, you will see your reality change before your very eyes. Just like magic! Although, it isn't a magic pill in and of itself. You need to do the work -- consistency really is key. You must guide yourself through this process; nobody can do the work for you. So please only purchase if you are serious about integrating and embodying these practices into your daily habits and routines. 


You will learn how to manifest on autopilot -- because it will become a part of who you are, and your subconscoius programming. As well as how to completely reprogram your reality around love, relationships, money, success, health and beauty. This also inclues affirmations, links to videos and sleep tapes to allow these new beliefs and emotions to imprint even further into your subconscious mind and nervous system. 


You are the powerful one. You are the one who is in control of your destiny and future.


Are you ready to tap into your power and UP-LEVEL your life!? Let's create the reality you've been dreaming of and chasing after!


You are so WORTHY and DESERVING of your dreams and desires! And you're so CAPABLE of magnetizing it all to you!!! Like the manifestation king / queen that you truly are -- and will become by the end of this workshop. 


This guide is written in English and is not an online course, as it does not contain custom video content -- although it does provide links to helpful meditations, resource videos and sleep tapes. 


We are not able to offer refunds for digital downloads due to the nature of the products, unless a duplicate order was placed accidentally. Please email me with any issues at 

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